Driven By Technology.

Committed to Healing.

Sales, Service, Installation

Driven By Technology.

Committed to Healing.

Sales, Service, Installation

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Medical Gas Equipment & Service Specialist

With Over 30 Years of experience in the Health Care industry, Premier Medical is committed to being the leading provider in Medical Gas Equipment and Testing Services. We primary focus on Tennessee, Kentucky Arkansas and Florida. We extend our sales and services to clients across the United States.

Service Provided

We help our clients in the healthcare and bio-medical industry maintain the highest quality of patient care and adhere to the safety standards of regulatory bodies. Our business lines can be broadly classified into 4 categories:

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About us

Premier Medical Inc is committed to helping all healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and laboratories comply with life safety codes and regulatory standards.

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Medical Gas Services

We provide repair, maintenance, testing, and certification of all gas equipment systems in alignment with the standards and regulations of the healthcare industry.

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Medical Gas Equipment

We offer a wide variety of air compressors, vacuum pumps, alarms, replacement parts, zone valves, outlets, pipelines, pressure switches, and flow meters.

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Environmental Services

Our environmental services are aimed at mitigating the harmful health and environmental effects of hazardous chemicals and biological agents commonly used in the healthcare setting.